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第8回 新千歳空港国際アニメーション映画祭に参加してきました…!✈️今年で参加7年目…

今年はコンペではなく、”NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT PITCH 2021”というプログラムにて、 会社で企画している作品「エレギャル」についてのピッチをするために参加しました。



”エレギャル”は私がMARZA ANIMATION PLANETに所属した3年ほど前から企画していましたが、ようやく昨年、J-LODの助成金が通ったことで、約半年かけて、CGテストリールや脚本(英語版、日本語版)、シリーズ構成24話分(英語版、日本語版)までは作ることができました。現在ビジネスパートナーを募集しているところです。


I've participated in the 8th New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival...! ✈️This is my 7th year participating...

This year, I participated not in the competition, but in a program called "NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT PITCH 2021" to pitch my company's project "ELEMENT GALS”.

A pitch is a short presentation where you talk about the main points of the project to look for distribution partners and investors.

I was very nervous because it was my first experience, but I think I enjoyed the presentation because it was like giving a voice to my films.

"ELEMENT GALS” has been in the planning stage for about three years since I joined MARZA ANIMATION PLANET, and last year, the J-LOD grant finally came through.

Over the course of about six months, I was able to create a CG test reel, script (English and Japanese versions), and series structure for 24 episodes (English and Japanese versions). We are currently looking for business partners.

Please check out our pitch video on the New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival website until November 19, 2021...!







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